Efficient and Cost-Effective Sequencing on the G4

The G4 is designed for practical cost savings. Laboratories achieve routine cost savings through streamlined lab operations, efficient consumable use, and capex reduction.

Highly Efficient Consumable Use

Eliminate batching bottlenecks and sequence cost effectively on-demand across 1-4 flow cells and 8 run sizes.

Streamlined Lab Operations

Simplified sequencing project management with 16 individual lanes per run.


Expanded capacity to process more samples per year on a single system. One G4 has the sequencing power of ~2.5 leading benchtop instruments.

Sample Cost Comparison Tool

Compare flow cell, cost, and run time efficiency against the leading benchtop sequencer for your application.

G4 Pricing

Save an Additional 15-50% Through Operational Efficiencies Not Seen on Other Platforms

Let our experts model out the additional layers of cost savings due more efficient sequencing based on your specific lab operation and see how the G4 can save your lab hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Discover G4

Featuring novel, high-performance chemistry and advanced engineering, the G4 Sequencing Platform has been optimized to deliver speed, power, unprecedented flexibility, and accuracy.