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A benchtop sequencing platform delivering accuracy, speed, power, and unprecedented flexibility for a wide range of genomic applications.


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Reimagined Chemistry

At the core of the G4 is a proprietary 4-color Rapid SBS chemistry comprised of novel nucleotides, specifically-engineered enzymes, and molecular biology methods to deliver highly accurate paired-read sequencing.

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4 Lanes per Flow Cell

Each flow cell is intentionally designed with 4 independent lanes, reducing sample pooling and offering flexibility to run multiple experiments in parallel.

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Up to 4 Flow Cells per Run

The G4 delivers scalable run capacity to empower labs that have variable volume and time-sensitive samples with cost efficient, single-day turnaround times.

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Flow Cell
Flow Cell
Flow Cell

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Daily Sequencing

Novel chemistry combined with breakthrough imaging technology and rapid fluidics reduces run times from days to hours.

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Unmatched Power in a Benchtop Sequencer

The G4 is engineered for throughput. With up to 2.5x more data output per hour than the leading benchtop instrument, the G4 will sequence up to 4 human genomes in a single day.



G4 was designed to fit into any existing lab ecosystem. From compatibility with a wide range of sample preparation workflows through seamless integration into bioinformatic pipelines, G4 is a plug-and-play solution.


  • Compatibility with leading library preparation kits and workflows
  • Prepare libraries with G4 adapters and indices, or convert existing libraries
  • Electronic ID consumables for inventory management and traceability


  • Up to 4 flow cells with 4 individual lanes for maximum run flexibility
  • Intuitive user interface for novice and advanced users
  • Integrated clustering and automatic instrument wash


  • Real-time analysis metrics provided per lane and flow cell
  • Demultiplexed FASTQ file output for seamless integration with bioinformatics pipelines  
  • Connectivity for cloud-based storage and remote customer service

G4 Specifications

Reagent Configuration1Run Time2Paired Reads / Flow Cell3Paired Reads / Run3Quality4
F2 Flow Cell100 cycles~11 hours200M800M>85% bases
≥ Q30
200 cycles~15 hours
300 cycles~19 hours
F3 Flow Cell50 cycles~11 hours400M1.6B
100 cycles~14 hours
200 cycles~19 hours
300 cycles~24 hours
Max Read528x91 Single Cell~30 hours800M3.2B
28x50 Spatial FFPE~24 hours1.2B4.8B
  • 1 Reagents include 50 additional cycles above what is represented to account for index sequencing needs.
  • 2 Run time is measured from run start through clustering, sequencing, and instrument wash for non-indexed reads.
  • 3 Paired reads passing filter for F2 and F3 are dependent on application and read length.
  • 4 Performance metrics may be impacted by application, sample quality, library preparation, loading concentration, and other sequencing considerations. Metrics as generated on reference bacterial and human genomes.
  • 5 Currently only compatible with 10x Genomics Chromium™ 3′ and 5’ Gene Expression assays and Visium™ Spatial Gene Expression. Kits allow for 1 sample per lane.

G4 Applications

High sequencing throughput, modular run sizes, and lane-by-lane addressability enables users to process samples across a variety of applications.

F2 Flow Cell
Samples / Flow Cell
F3 Flow Cell
Samples / Flow Cell
Max Read
Samples / Flow Cell
Samples / Run
RNA Gene Expression
(2x50 bp, 10M paired reads)
(2x100 bp, 50M paired reads)
Single Cell RNA-Seq
(130 cycles, 7,500 cells/sample and 20,000 paired reads/cell)
(2x150 bp, 34 Mb at 150x coverage)
Target Enrichment
(2x150 bp, 800 Kb at 4,000x coverage)
Shotgun Metagenomics
(2x150 bp, 10M paired reads)
Human Whole Genome
(2x150 bp, 3 Gb at 30x coverage)
  • Sequencing multiplexing capabilities are approximations based on assumptions and configurations listed in table and expected, but not guaranteed, throughput on G4 flow cells. Results may vary based on experimental design and sample type. Please refer to kit specifications for more detail.

G4 Kits and Reagents

G4 kits are available in multiple configurations depending on read length and size requirements for maximum system flexibility and cost efficiency.

Introducing Max Read™ Kits

Delivering up to 3.2 billion reads per run, the Max Read Kit offers unparalleled cost and throughput for short read sequencing on a benchtop platform.

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