A Singular Focus on Advancing Science and Medicine

We are taking sequencing further to bring you fast, powerful and flexible tools for research and precision medicine. Our aim is to empower scientists to answer their most pressing questions, allowing them to forge a path of discovery without limits.

About Us

Our Story

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Where We Started

Genomic technologies developed over the last two decades have greatly improved our understanding of biology. Yet, the transformative potential of genomics is just starting to be realized.

Based on real-world feedback from scientists and clinicians on the limitations of today’s sequencing tools, Drew Spaventa, Eli Glezer, and David Barker created Singular Genomics to build better products with greater impact.


Where We Are Today

We have assembled a dynamic team focused on producing advanced technologies that will improve the accessibility and efficiency of genomic sequencing.

Through the G4, our first commercial product, we have delivered a novel, highly versatile benchtop sequencer designed to produce fast and accurate genetic sequencing results.

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Where We Are Heading

Looking ahead, the team at Singular Genomics is committed to unlocking the potential of our core technologies to reshape the future of genomic sequencing.

We’re actively developing the PX, the world’s first integrated single cell sequencing and spatial profiling platform.

Executive Team

Drew Spaventa

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Eli Glezer

Chief Scientific Officer & Founder

Sam Ropp

Chief Commercial Officer

Dalen Meeter

Chief Financial Officer