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High throughput in-situ spatial sequencing for transcriptomic and proteomic analysis from FFPE samples at subcellular resolution.

A New Era Of Multiomic Discovery with

Spatial Sequencing

Uncover new biological insights with multiomic in-situ sequencing and imaging from a single FFPE section.


Direct sequencing of RNA at subcellular resolution.

Direct Sequencing Layer


Barcode-free profiling of hundreds of RNA gene transcripts with high sensitivity and specificity.

Transcriptomics Layer


Image dozens of proteins at high resolution.

Proteomics Layer

Fluorescent H&E

Visualize tissue morphology to connect to standard histology.

Fluorescent Layer

On the same FFPE section


Hundreds of RNA Genes

Profile of Hundreds of RNA Genes

Dozens of Proteins 

Image of dozens of proteins

Fluorescent H&E

Fluorescent H&E

Expansive Imaging area

40 cm² imaging area

Breakthrough optical technology for rapid sample scanning at more than 2 billion pixels per second.

G4X sequencer system comparison
G4X Spatial Sequencer


40 FFPE samples / run

Expansive imaging area equates to more tissue section regions of interest per run that can be divided across 4 spatial flow cells with flexible configurations.

10x10mm FFPE Sections

Flow Cell 1

Flow Cell 2

Flow Cell 3

Flow Cell 4


128 FFPE samples / run

Expansive imaging area equates to more tissue section regions of interest per run that can be divided across 4 spatial flow cells with flexible configurations.

4x4mm FFPE Sections

Flow Cell 1

Flow Cell 2

Flow Cell 3

Flow Cell 4

Rapid Turn-around-time

3 Days Sample-to-Discovery

Streamlined tissue preparation and automated amplification combined with rapid imaging, fluidics and high-speed chemistry.

Leading In-Situ Systems

4-16 Days

G4X Spatial Sequencer

3 Days


Simple tissue transfer and placement

Specialized tool for simultaneous FFPE section transfer and precise placement on flow cell.

Streamlined 2-day workflow

Simple protocols for sample preparation and integrated readout for RNA, Proteins, and fluorescent H&E.

Single-day run time

Image up to 40 cm² in a single run.

Accelerated on-board analysis

Real-time image processing and secondary analysis.

Unmatched Throughput

20X more samples / week

Scaling tomorrow’s multi-dimensional studies with more samples and more sections for a comprehensive view of tissue biology.

Leading In-Situ Platforms

Runs / Week

Samples / Run

G4X Spatial Sequencer

Runs / Week

Samples / Run

Cost Effective

½ the cost, proteomics included

Breaking barriers for spatial multiomic analysis to help accelerate spatial biology’s translational impact on human health.

Two Technologies. One Singular Platform.

Two Technologies.
Singular Platform.

G4X combines the power of high-throughput in-situ spatial multiomics with the capabilities of the world’s most powerful benchtop sequencing platform.

Next-Gen Sequencing


4 Flow Cells, 16 Lanes


Daily Sequencing


480 Gb and 1.6 B reads/day

Spatial Sequencing


RNA, Protein, H&E


3-Day Sample-to-Discovery


20x More Samples/Week

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Up to $700,000 in value

$450,000 with purchase in Q2

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Buy a G4 now at $295,000 and lock in a discounted G4X upgrade package.

Protein, transcript and fH&E readout of kidney tumor FFPE serial sections (10x10mm). Data generated on a single flow cell.
Product in Development.  For Research Use Only.

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Drew Spaventa

Drew founded Singular Genomics in 2016 serving as the CEO and Chairman. Drew is a serial entrepreneur and venture investor in the biotech industry and has been involved in the founding of several successful companies. Prior to Singular Genomics, Drew founded Truvian Sciences, a low volume blood testing technology aimed at making routine blood tests easier, less invasive, and more affordable. Drew was also involved in the founding of Aspen Neurosciences where he co-led the seed financing and helped assemble a world-class team to combat Parkinson’s Disease using a patient’s own stem cells. Drew was also a seed investor and held an operating role in Edico Genome which sold to Illumina in 2018.

Drew received an MBA from the Rady School of Management at the University of California, San Diego and a BA in Political Science and International Relations from the University of California, San Diego.

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