Introducing G4

An innovative benchtop sequencing platform with novel, high-performance chemistry and advanced engineering, optimized to deliver unmatched power, speed, and versatility.

Designed for Superior Performance

Icon Bolt

3.2 Billion Reads1
up to
480 Gb

Delivers more data per day than any benchtop sequencer.
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< 24 Hour
Run Times

Raising the bar with industry-leading run times across applications.

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4 Flow Cells
16 Lanes

Intentionally designed to maximize operational efficiency.

Innovation with Intention

Intentionally designed to alleviate challenges faced by researchers in the lab today, the G4 Sequencing Platform features advanced engineering and novel chemistry to deliver faster results, with more operational flexibility. 

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A Singular Focus

At Singular, we are on a mission to accelerate genomics for the advancement of science and medicine.

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A Singular Focus

1 Up to 3.2 Billion reads with Max Read Kits for single cell sequencing. System throughput depends on sequencing application and flow cell.

Max Reads Application Note