Fast, Cost-Effective Single Cell RNA Sequencing

There is a growing desire to answer questions about the genome at the level of the individual cell. Single cell RNA sequencing technologies promise to make a significant impact on research and clinical studies; however, most scRNA-seq technologies require centralization and pooling, which can be inefficient and unwieldy. The G4™ Sequencing Platform addresses these challenges and enables researchers to generate low-cost, accurate scRNA-seq results much faster than any other sequencer on the market.

Powerful Sequencing with Seamless Integration

The G4 Sequencing Platform features novel chemistry and advanced engineering, designed to provide labs with unmatched operational efficiency and industry-leading run times.  The G4 integrates seamlessly into existing NGS workflows and is well suited for single cell RNA sequencing.

Key scRNA-Seq capabilities:

  • Rapid SBS enables cost-efficient delivery of 1–8 single cell RNA sequencing samples in 12–15 hours.*
  • The G4 delivers highly accurate scRNA-Seq data comparable to the leading high-throughput platform.

*Assuming 150M reads per sample

Performance Characterization of the G4 for scRNA-Seq

The scRNA-Seq application note highlights the capability for the G4 to deliver results comparable with industry leading platforms with more speed and added flexibility.