Fast, Cost-Effective Single Cell RNA Sequencing

There is a growing desire to answer questions about the genome at the level of the individual cell. Single cell technologies promise to make significant impact on research and clinical studies; however, complimentary high-throughput sequencing for these studies requires large capital expenditure and expensive consumables. The G4™ Sequencing Platform addresses these challenges and enables researchers to generate low-cost, accurate scRNA-seq results with more flexibility and speed than any other sequencer on the market.

Delivering Power and Flexibility for Single Cell Sequencing Labs

The G4 features proprietary 4-color Rapid SBS chemistry and advanced engineering, designed to provide labs with unmatched operational efficiency and industry-leading run times.  The G4 integrates seamlessly into existing NGS workflows and is well suited for single cell sequencing labs.

Key capabilities:

  • Single-day turnaround times
  • Highly accurate data
  • 1 – 4 flow cell, 4 – 16 lane run flexibility
  • Up to 3.2 B reads per run

Highly Accurate Single Cell RNA Sequencing on the G4

  • Highly-accurate single cell data comparable to the NextSeq 2000
  • Rapid and cost-efficient sequencing of single cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) libraries
  • Seamless compatibility of the G4 Sequencing Platform with 10x library preparation workflows and bioinformatics pipelines

Introducing Max Read™ Sequencing Kits

High throughput, low-cost single cell sequencing. 
Up to 3.2 billion reads per run at $1 per million reads.  

G4 Specifications for Single Cell Sequencing

F2 Flow Cell F3 Flow Cell Max Reads2
Reads Delivered / Flow Cell 200 M 400 M 800 M
Reads Delivered / Run 800 M 1,600 M 3,200 M
# Samples / Flow Cell1 1 2 4
# Samples / Run1 4 8 16
Price/M Read $3.0 $1.8 $1.0
Run Time ~15 hours ~15 hours ~24 hours
Quality (Q30) 80-90% 80-90% 80-90%

The G4 can process up to 4 flow cells in parallel. Number of reads and sequencing output shown is per flow cell.
1Assumes 28×91 read configuration, 10,000 cells/sample and 20,000 reads/cell
2Max Read kits are only compatible with 10x samples and allow for 1 sample per lane. Max Reads cannot be run at the same time as F2 or F3 flow cells

G4 Plug-and-Play Capability

We have partnered with industry-leading library preparation providers and bioinformatic pipelines to ensure the G4 Sequencing Platform seamlessly integrates into existing NGS workflows.

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