Powerful Whole Exome Sequencing for Variant Discovery

Whole exome sequencing (WES) enables the discovery and assessment of genetic variations linked to rare or complex diseases and is a key tool for the diagnosis of genetic disease, population genome studies, and tumor-normal sequencing protocols used in precision oncology.  With high accuracy and unparalleled flexibility, the G4 Platform delivers reliable WES results with industry-leading speed. 

Unparalleled Speed, Power and Operational Flexibility

The G4 Sequencing Platform offers unmatched flexibility, while delivering faster results with high accuracy. The platform is a plug-and-play solution,  seamlessly integrating into existing sequencing workflows and laboratory ecosystems.

Key WES capabilities:

  • Rapid SBS enables cost-efficient overnight delivery of 8–64 exome samples in 16-19 hours.*
  • The G4 delivers highly accurate exome data comparable to leading platforms with SNP and INDEL F1scores at 99% and 95% respectively.

*Assuming 34 MB, ~100x coverage

Performance Characterization of the G4 for Whole Exome Sequencing

The whole exome sequencing application note highlights the capability for the G4 to deliver accurate results comparable with industry-leading platforms with more speed and added flexibility.