The G4 is the ultimate plug-and-play solution designed to seamlessly fit into existing NGS workflows with easy to integrate Singular adapters and indices as well as partnerships with leading library prep providers and bioinformatics providers.




Demo Data

For FASTQ files and data generated on the G4 Sequencing Platform, please contact our customer care team.  Data Sets Available:

  • Whole Genome
  • RNA Sequencing
  • Single Cell RNA Sequencing
  • Whole Exome


Loading Concentration Calculator

Calculate the various denature, dilute, and pooling steps of your libraries before you load them on the instrument.

Site Readiness

Review the site requirements needed to ensure that your laboratory is prepared for G4 installation, validation, and sequencing.

Meet the Team

Our team is devoted to supporting your science. Field application scientists, field service engineers, and customer care specialists are dedicated to responding quickly and effectively to your inquiries.