G4 Workflow

The G4 Sequencing Platform is a plug-and-play solution that seamlessly integrates into existing NGS workflows. 


  • With the integration of industry-leading library prep kits and Singular’s custom adapters and indices, the G4 can slot into existing NGS workflows. 


  • The G4 seamlessly connects to leading cloud storage providers and generates demultiplexed FASTQ files that can be easily integrated into existing bioinformatic pipelines.

Library Prep Partners

Integrating the 10x Genomics Chromium Single Cell platform with the G4.

Integrating Bio-Rad Laboratories to integrate its high-performance SEQuoia library prep kits for RNA-Seq with the G4.

Integrating QIAseq® kits for DNA and RNA library preparation with the G4.

Integrating IDT xGen™ NGS Library Preparation Kits for both DNA and RNA sample prep with the G4.

Integrating Watchmaker® DNA Library Prep Kits with Fragmentation with the G4.

Integrating Parse Biosciences Evercode™ Whole Transcriptome products for single cell RNA-Seq with the G4.

Integrating Takara Bio single cell RNA-Seq kits, including SMART-Seq and other NGS technologies, with the G4.

Integrating the Quantabio high-quality sparQ library prep kits for RNA-Seq with the G4.

Integrating Claret Bioscience SRSLY® NGS library prep kit for degraded DNA with the G4.

Integrating Paragon Genomics CleanPlex targeted NGS amplicon panels with the G4.

Integrating Roche KAPA® DNA and RNA Library Preparation Kits with the G4.

Integrating NEBNext® DNA and RNA Library Preparation Kits with the G4.

Integrating Cantata Bio® proximity ligation-based NGS library prep kits with the G4.

Integrating QuantSeq®, CORALL®, and LUTHOR® library preparation kits for RNA sequencing on the G4.

Integrating Agilent® SureSelect Target Enrichment Reagents for RNA sequencing on the G4.

Integrating the Twist® NGS Target Enrichment Solutions for the G4 Sequencing Platform

Integrating Olink® Explore high-throughput proteomics platform with the G4 (in development).

Interested in integrating a library prep workflow not listed here? No problem! Contact us for more information.

Sequencing on the G4

The G4 has been thoughtfully designed with an intuitive user interface and easy to use consumables to enable anyone to load and run a broad range of applications on the platform. 

Bioinformatics & Cloud Storage Partners

Integrating NVIDIA Clara Parabricks for secondary analysis of NGS DNA and RNA data generated by the G4.

Integrating the Terra platform—developed by the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Microsoft, and Verily—for secondary and tertiary data analysis, storage, and sharing of G4-generated data.