Introducing Max Reads

Maximizing throughput and decreasing cost for your single cell sequencing

$1 per Million Reads

3.2 Billion Reads per Run

(800 M Reads per Flow Cell)

16 Samples per Run

(4 Samples per Flow Cell)

The Ultimate Sequencing Kit for Single Cell Experiments

  • Designed specifically to complement popular 10x Genomics kits
  • Delivers high-throughput, low-cost sequencing on the G4
  • Generates highly-accurate single cell and spatial data

Modular Throughout Built to Match Your Experiment Size

The Max Read Kit boosts the output of the 4 flow cell G4 Sequencing Platform to an unmatched 3.2 billion reads per run on the benchtop system.  The kits, specifically designed to compliment the format of popular 10x Genomics assays, enable users the flexibility to sequence 4, 8, 12, or 16 samples per run, each in its own lane.

4 Samples8 Samples12 Samples16 Samples
G4 (Max Reads)Flow Cell used1 x M3
(800M reads)
2 x M3
(1,600M reads)
3 x M3
(2,400M reads)
4 x M3
(3,200M reads)
Price / Sample$200$200$200$200
Run Time (days)1111
NextSeq 2000Flow Cell usedP3 100 cycle
(1,200M reads)
P3 + P2 100 cycle
(2 Runs, 1,600M reads)
2x P3 100 cycle
(2runs, 2,400M reads)
3x P3 100 cycle
(3 runs, 3,600M reads)
Price / Sample$832$598$555$624
Run Time (days)1223

1Assumes 10,000 cells and 20,000 reads 
2Reflects publicly available list prices

Powering Your Single Cell Needs

The G4 is capable of delivering ~2x more single cell samples per year than NextSeq 2000.

Max Read Kit Specifications

Product1Read / Flow CellQualitySamples per FC2Samples per Run2Run Time
Max Read Single Cell and Spatial Gene Expression800M80-90% ≥ Q30416~24 hrs
Max Read Spatial Gene Expression for FFPE

Max Read Kits contain all components needed to prepare and sequence compatible 10x libraries on the G4, including materials for sample preparation and loading, flow cell, reagent cartridge, and Max Read PhiX Control

1Max Read products are currently compatible with running 1 sample per lane for 10x Genomics Chromium 3′ and 5′ Single Cell Gene Expression and Visium Spatial Gene Expression Assays

2Assumes 10,000 cell/sample and 20,000 reads/cell for 1 Sample per lane

Max Read Applications

Max Read technology can be customized to many short read counting applications to generate up to 1 Billion reads per flow cell.

Contact us for more information on your application.

Small RNA Seq

miRNA is typically 18 -25 nt in length and can be sequenced with 1×50 reads. These small, non-coding RNAs can regulate many biological functions.

cfDNA fragment counting

Analysis of abundance of short fragments of cell-free DNA can be informative for detecing fetal aneuploidy, organ rejection, or cancer.

Proteomics and Spatial Tagging

Proteomics and spatial profiling technologies with NGS readouts typically use short DNA tags that can be sequenced and attributed to specific targets.

mRNA Gene Expression

Gene Expression Profiling (GEP) is achieved by counting transcripts in coding genes. Short, single or paired reads are sufficient for accurate GEP.

CRISPR Screens

In pooled CRISPR Screens, the effects of genetically encoded perturbations can be analyzed through counting of short guide RNAs.

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