Ultimate Flexibility for Your Next RNA-Seq Project

RNA Sequencing (RNA-Seq) is a widely adopted technique for biological research. While innovations over the past decade have decreased the cost-per-sample, researchers are required to multiplex hundreds of samples together to achieve those low costs, resulting in operational inefficiency and long turn-around times. The G4™ Sequencing Platform addresses these challenges by enabling researchers to generate fast and accurate RNA-Seq results at a low cost without needing to pool large number of samples. 

Innovative G4 Design: Delivering Fast and Flexible RNA Sequencing

Founded on the core principles of accuracy, speed, flexibility, and power – the G4 is a versatile and ecosystem compatible benchtop sequencer that is well suited for RNA sequencing.

Key capabilities:

  • A unique flow cell design and scalable capacity allows labs to process 6 – 48 samples per run across 1 to 4 flow cells at a time and up to 16 independent lanes.
  • Produces accurate RNA-Seq data highly correlated with the industry standard benchtop sequencer in just 6 to 15 hours.

*Assumes 25M reads and run times are for 1 x 50 and 2 x 100 run configurations respectively

Performance Characterization of the G4 for RNA-Seq

The RNA-Seq application note highlights the capability for the G4 to plug into existing NGS library preparation workflows and bioinformatic pipelines to produce highly accurate results.