AGBT 2022

Experience G4

Join us in Presidential Suite 1745 this week as we present the latest G4 sequencing data, conduct live instrument demonstrations, and share more details about the new Max Read Kits. 

AGBT in-suite events include:

  • Morning Espresso Bar and Poster Viewing 
  • Scheduled Personal G4 Demonstrations
  • Afternoon Snacks, Refreshments, and Giveaways
  • Evening Cocktails and Entertainment

Introducing Max Read Kits

Delivering up to 4 billion reads per run, the Max Read Kit offers unparalleled cost and throughput for short read sequencing on a benchtop platform.  Come speak to us about your application for more details about customization and capabilities.


Evaluation of the Singular Genomics G4 Sequencing Platform with Resolution ctDx Assays on cell-free DNA
Bacterial Whole Genome Assembly and Microbial Community Analysis with the G4
Singular Genomics' G4 Platform Technology Assessment
Training and Validation of an Accelerated DeepVariant Model for Germline Exome Analysis on the G4

Application Notes

RNA Sequencing
Single Cell RNA Sequencing
Whole Exome Sequencing
Whole Genome Sequencing

Specialty Applications